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Silence is Corruption – Time for Dems to Break Their Silence on Speaker Madigan

Once again the smell of corruption is wafting through the Illinois House of Representatives. This time the smell is coming from the office of the Speaker, who’s been subpoenaed as part of a bribery investigation involving Com Ed. While he hasn’t been indicted, and may never be, there’s a point at which someone has to say “enough is enough”.


When is this going to end? How much humiliation and ridicule will we have to endure while the rest of the world points fingers at our State and says: “Oh, that’s just the way things are in Illinois, everybody knows it.”


I’ll tell you when this is going to end. It’s going to end when Democrats, both those who are now in the House and those who hope to be in the House next session stand up and say something more than “if he’s guilty, he must resign”, if they’re saying anything at all.


Not having been indicted or found guilty of public corruption is a pretty low bar to be eligible to hold a position of public trust. The people of this State deserve something better from those who they elect to govern them. Otherwise we get what we now have: government through the back door, legislation like the ethics bills Republicans have tried to introduce that get bottled up in the Rules Committee, a Speaker who famously doesn’t have a cell phone or email account, so he can claim plausible deniability to being directly connected to the corruption swirling around him, a State in financial collapse.


If the Governor is serious about turning the page, he needs to call a special session of the legislature to address this issue.


And those, like my opponent, who’ve had ample time to consider what this means, it’s time to say something, even if it’s nothing more than “if he’s found guilty…” After all, on his own website he says: “I believe we need honest, ethical individuals to represent us at all levels of government.”


Sager WebsiteWell, Mr. Mayor, here’s your chance. But when you list the Woodstock City Hall as your campaign office, you really aren’t off to a very good start yourself. That building belongs to the people of Woodstock, not your campaign.

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